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Contact: Anthony Shamash


Telephone: 01959 568 290

Covent Garden Limited is a family owned business that specialises in investment in Freehold Ground Rents.  We buy anything from a single house converted into flats to large estates from major housebuilders.  We have an enviable reputation as a friendly landlord, due to our policy of not profiting from management, (we always appoint professional agents), so housebuilders can be assured that their good name is maintained after they have sold their interest.  If you are selling blocks of flats, the freehold has to be offered to the lessees before a sale can complete.  We are willing to serve the notices on your behalf for no charge, the result being that either the lessees purchase your freeholds, or we do, at the pre-agreed price.  Developers – don’t wait until your flats are sold before selling the ground rent.  You will end up with a better price if you contact us at the planning stage, as we will work with you to maximise the value of your freehold and we can complete as soon as you have sold the last flat – no need for a 2 month notice period.

To offer us your freehold ground rents, please submit the form or contact Anthony Shamash, who can give you a price indication immediately.

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